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My Sister’s Passing

My Sister’s Passing

I won’t be long on this post. But my dear sister Pam Payne (72) passed away Sunday, February 16th in Lakewood, Ohio. She had a stroke and slight heart attack at the same time four years ago and never fully recovered. I have set up a Go fund Me page in her honor because we found out after she had passed, there was no money to bury her (not her own doing). She was older than my other sister and me so she lovingly took care of us, helping out my mother when we were very little. She was very smart and graduated from The Ohio State University. Everyone deserves a decent burial and my sister is no different. It’s a sad situation that we as a family have never been in. But God will see us through!

Here is the link below for donations and thanks in advance!

Ricardo J

Thanks a bunch for helping our family at this time!!!