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Please, Wake Up!

Please, Wake Up!

I want to start off this message with a word I don’t hear many people use in their every day language. I chose this word deliberately because I believe it describes perfectly what I intend to write about. It goes along with the theme of the previous two blogs before last week’s blog. The word is languid (ˈlaNGɡwəd). You are probably looking at it like I did, wondering how to pronounce it correctly, then wondering what it means. Languid simply means: very slow, weak, relaxed, having a disinclination for effort, lifeless methodical routine.

My heart at times breaks for the Church, especially in the United States of America, because I see ‘languid’ written all over it. I discussed in a previous blog how we need the power of the Holy Spirit in our Churches to have any chance to save America. It seems like many Churches today have replaced the precious genuine power of the Holy Spirit with worldly things like fake smoke, secular movie themes, coffee shops, techno lights, nice cushioned padded seats, etc. They have become extremely languid when it comes to the real precious Holy Spirit’s power growing and developing in the lives of individuals.

The children of Israel experienced languid during the reign of King Rehoboam son of King Solomon. In the 14th chapter of I Kings, King Shishak of Egypt came up against Jerusalem. He took away the authentic genuine treasure of the house of the Lord. He also took away the authentic gold shields which were dedicated in a powerful manifestation by the presence of the Lord while King Solomon was alive.

gold shields 3

These gold shields were very impressive and important because whenever the King entered the house of the Lord, the captains of the guard who guarded the main entrance carried them and brought them back to the guardroom. Rehoboam replaced the authentic genuine gold shields with brass ones he made.

Folk’s in the United States of America and other places around the world we have allowed through being languid, the King Shishak of secularism and worldly influences to enter the Church. These influences have taken away the authentic and genuine gold shields which is the genuine power of the Holy Spirit, and replaced them with cheap brass.

The powerful prayers of the saints will destroy the languid spirit in America that is plaguing the Church. Those prayers will also restore the genuine, authentic power of the Holy Spirit and His gifts back to the Church! The gold belongs to us!

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