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Are You Being Deceived?

Are You Being Deceived?

We live in a very loose and open society that promotes a lot of things which call for your attention on a daily basis. From the time you wake up in the morning till you retire for the night, the schemes of the enemy are at work to weaken your resolve to do what is right.

The only safe place if you are a believer in Christ is supposed to be in the Church of Jesus Christ, correct?

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Well, I want to make you aware of something, that Satan is the master of deception and he is very sophisticated at what he does, and he has infiltrated his way into the so called modern church today.

Genesis 3:1 tells us the serpent was subtle, crafty and smooth, more than any animal that God had made. First of all I want to say, God made all animals good at the beginning, the serpent was no exception, God said so when He was finished with creation. I believe that at one point the serpent stood upright, was very beautiful and some way communicated with Adam and Eve. I don’t believe the fall of man was the first time that Eve had talked to the serpent. I believe she and Adam had conversations on a regular basis with the serpent before the incident. This I believe made them familiar and feel more comfortable talking with him at the time of the fall.

I also believe that all the animals were created with some form of intelligence in the beginning but the serpent seemed a cut above the rest. Satan, who is the ultimate master of smooth knew that and some way (we don’t know exactly how) convinced the serpent to let him come in. Satan then used the serpents body to deceive mankind, thus we have deception in the earth today. Folks, he has not changed his tactics!

The most deadly place of deception is when it calls itself a Christian and walks and talks like you do. II Corinthians 11:14-15 talks about Satan transforming himself into an angel of light, therefore making his ministers into false angels of light!

My advice to you is to check out their fruit!

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What is their private prayer life like, how do they treat their spouse, children or people closest to them, what do they do when no one is looking, are they living holy, do you sense peace around them? Just a few things to look for, but as the day of the Lord approaches, and the Devil senses his time is short more deceivers appearing as an angel of light will increase.

Stay true till the end, be fruit inspectors and you will receive a crown that never will fade away!