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Growing Up!

Growing Up!

Wow how time flies! We now have a teenager! Ezra is now 13 years old and very heavy into the NBA. He knows all the names of the players and what teams they were traded to.

There was a lot of activity in the NBA this off season. He plays NBA 2K on the TV with his brother and shoots 3’s like Stephen Curry. He just skipped College hoops for interest and went straight to the NBA. He keeps telling me he is going to play in the NBA along with his brother Tasimba.

They had a basketball hoop at the former place we lived. They would go at each other in competition to see who would win a game. Then they would come into the house sweating and complain that the other one was cheating. The landlord said we could put a basketball hoop up at the new place, I just have to find one for them.

I told him he has to get a little better and taller in size to make it in the NBA (smile), sorry his dad is short for the NBA. Down here in lower Alabama country it’s all Roll Tide Alabama college football, people live and breathe by it. So not many of their friends are interested in the NBA.

Ezra is also being a student leader at a local church in our area since we don’t have a youth group yet at out church. He is also enjoying that a lot and growing up in a good way.

It’s amazing that with 8 children you have 8 different personalities all from the same womb. Sharon and I have the awesome responsibility to help guide these 8 precious souls into God’s perfect will for their lives.

My prayer that I have prayed for them ever since they were born, is that each one of them fulfill God’s specific purpose for their lives individually.

God makes everyone with a specific purpose in life. No one comes here without a purpose.

I know a lot of people that have children encourage their children to do whatever they want to do and tell them with hard work they can accomplish anything.

Those are nice encouraging words that come mainly from a worldly push to be better than the next guy. But the fact is, if they work hard and accomplish things outside of God’s specific purpose for their lives they are missing the point for their existence. And when they stand before God they will have to answer for it.

So it’s really saving their souls to pray for them and help guide them to fulfill God’s specific purpose for their individual lives. That prayer job placed on Sharon and I is more important than me having a successful church and ministry. If you are reading this blog and you have small children I encourage you to pray for them the way God has lead me to pray for my children. You won’t regret it one bit.

Who knows it could be God’s will for Ezra and Tasimba to make it to the NBA one day and be the next Spud Webb. If so mom and dad will be smiling from ear to ear all the way to the bank (just kidding). Or it maybe something he hasn’t showed great interest in yet. We just want God’s perfect will for their lives. That’s our mission as parents!

Pastor Ricardo Johnson

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