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You Are Different!

You Are Different!

There has been a word bouncing around in my brain for the better part of this week. I have tried to think on other things but this word keeps coming back again and again. That usually means God is trying to get a point over to me, so here it goes.

The word is nonconformity, it’s a word you don’t hear in everyday conversation but it has a powerful meaning. Old faithful Webster’s dictionary says nonconformity means,”Refusal to conform to an established or conventional creed, rule, or practice.”

That’s interesting, because you can look at that definition from face value and draw a conclusion that it’s just people being different just for the sake of being different.

I want to paint a different picture for you, because I sense this is what the Lord is trying to get over to us. It’s not just people being different just for the sake of being different. No!

It’s people that have caught a vision from God and are driven from within, having great passion.

They are not perfect individuals, but they are driven to see what’s been placed on the inside of them come out and affect the world for good.

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Most of the time it bucks against what’s established and what people are used to. Every great move of God down through history has had some nonconformist leading it. Men like George Whitefield, Jonathan Edwards, John Calvin, Willian Seymour, John Roberts the list goes on. A person that broke away from tradition and what was established and went a different way.

I read the book “Martin Luther” by Eric Metaxas, a great read you should check it out. In it he chronicles the life of Martin Luther and how he didn’t start off trying to be a nonconformist.

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He started off trying to get along with everyone. Over time the things God had put in Martin Luther’s heart weren’t matching up with what he was seeing in the Catholic church.

So Martin Luther spoke up against the established conventional way of his day and became a nonconformist and labeled a heretic by the leaders of his day. He came to the conclusion that he would rather obey God than man. It nearly cost him his life, but that didn’t matter to him.

Who are the modern nonconformists of our day? Who currently stands up in the face of the established, traditional way and says, hey this is not working lets go another way? We need people in our modern day to stand up and take on the mantle. How about you answering that call, it’s in you let it come out!


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