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Message to 7.2 Billion

Message to 7.2 Billion

There’s a question I would like to ask you?

If you were given an audience with the 7.2 billion people on this planet for an hour, you had their undivided attention, plus they were able to understand you in their languages, what would you say to them?

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Many thoughts are probably going through your mind right now. It would seem to be a monumental task to make sure you used that hour wisely.

There would be much work and preparation ahead of time, making sure before your presentation, that you thoroughly went over every detail to get the most impact for your hour.

The variety of people, races, religions, different backgrounds, traditions, cultures and life experiences that people from all over the globe experience on a daily basis, are really overwhelming in the natural when you think about it!

If you have had the privilege to travel outside of the United States of America as I have been blessed with many times, you realize that not everyone thinks or acts like you as an American (surprise). As of 2017, the United States of America only made up 325.7 million of that 7.2 billion.

So really Americans are the minority in the world. We have been that way for a long time, but have made such a great impact in the world.

As a believer in the Lordship of Jesus Christ in a person’s life, my hour would be spent on helping the 7.2 Billion people understand that there is not many ways, but only one way to know the creator, Father God. That’s through believing in His Son, Jesus Christ and accepting him personally.

Not trying to give them our democratic way of government, our American lifestyle or trying to have them adopt our traditions or values; but showing them strictly Jesus with the power of The Holy Spirit. When the world hears the words about Jesus, and see’s supernatural miracles done in His name, the combination of those two will bring them to a decision quickly.

Over the centuries, the Gospel of Jesus Christ had been watered down to just nice little inspirational messages on Sunday morning in our pulpits across the country. Parishioners leave services Sunday mornings across our land, and go back to living a lifestyle of sin through out the week with no apparent change in their lives.

Oh, my heart hungers to see the power of The Holy Spirit convicting hearts, and tears of repentance flowing down people’s faces at our church alters on Sunday mornings across the country! Supernatural miracles will flow from an atmosphere like that! That’s the message my hour would entail to the 7.2 Billion people on this planet.

What would your message be leave your comment below.