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Changing The Status Quo!

Changing The Status Quo!

Taking a stand for what’s right requires strength, courage and a willingness to be unpopular. It’s in our human nature to want people to like us and to be accepted by everyone.

That’s really the easiest and less stressful way to live our lives and we always tend to lean towards what is easy.

I have never seen anyone through out history that desired to be popular and liked by everyone accomplish much of anything. It’s always those who rubbed society the wrong way and did not settle for the status quo that eventually in time made a difference.

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In the word of God if you take time to research the major prophets like Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, and Daniel, they weren’t at all popular during their day. As a matter of fact they were greatly despised by the so called religious leaders of their day. Yet we honor them today and preach about their great works from our pulpits on Sunday mornings.

At first people looked at them as if they were crazy or out in left field. But they continued to stand their ground. Some were put in prison and also executed for their strong stance. Eventually there came a point where things began to break and people actually saw the truth they were standing for!

It takes time because something worth fighting for is worth having patience to see it through to the end.

With some they may have passed into the next life and the next generation enjoyed the benefits of their strong stance for the truth. We can call on the  life of Martin Luther King Jr. for that example.


Others have stood for change and lived to see that change affect the main stream of society while they were still on this earth.

Whichever way God uses a change-maker to affect society doesn’t matter, the change still must come.

So I want to encourage you today, don’t give up on your God given dream, idea, message, or invention. God gave it to you and no one else for a reason, don’t copy someone else, be the original that God made you to be. Be comfortable within your own skin! Do you think God would have given it to you if he didn’t think you could do it?

Its time  for you to go forward today and ruffle some feathers. Maybe we’ll hear about you in the generations to come!



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