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Take God’s Time

Take God’s Time

I have a small group of people that have mentored me through my life and ministry. One of those mentors was Kenneth E. Hagin, founder of Rhema Bible Training College in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. Here’s a quote from him that gives the background to what I want to discuss in this blog.


“Jesus told me once when He appeared to me in a vision, “I’d rather you were too slow than too fast when you are trying to follow My leading. At least when you’re behind Me, you can still see Me out ahead of you. But if you’re too fast and you jump out ahead of Me, you won’t be able to see Me any longer, and you’ll get off track.””

Those are powerful words of wisdom that I have often thought about over the years. The perfect idea is that you hit the mark every-time with God’s personal leading in your life. We know that 99.9 percent of believers miss God’s personal leading for their lives at some moment in their christian walk.

I think what He is trying to get over to us is that it would be better to be slow about making a move, than to jump out in front and get so far off track that you might not ever find your way back.

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There are times in my life that I have felt that I went out ahead of God and missed his direction for my life in a particular area. Thank God He is a God of second chances, and He will restore us back to where we should be in His divine plan for our lives. I will give you a case in point of something that just happened two weeks ago where I felt like I went ahead of God’s direction. I had an old phone contacts group list of nineteen people with numbers from 4 years ago when we did our church that I had found in my phone. So I thought in my zeal to invite people to Legacy Family Church, that I would send out a group text using that old contacts list.
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I thought two or three numbers might not work, but some of the others would work. When I first went to do it, I did not have a peace inside of me about sending out that group message. But I thought, hey I need to contact people to invite them to the church anyway, so I over-rode that feeling that something wasn’t right and sent the text message to that group.

Two to three different people now had received those numbers from the old church attenders and they replied back. One was an atheist that texted some pretty bad things back. The other sounded like a devil worshiper who texted back some pretty cruel and vile things that I will not repeat.


Even though I never replied back to them other than to say we would remove their names from our list, they sent more nasty text messages. I had to block them from my phone. Then I called the good people on that group text and apologized to them. Thank God they understood!

If I would have listened from the beginning and followed peace, I would have never made that mistake. I went ahead and did what I wanted to do, and that’s where we always get in trouble as believers.

Just always remember He does have a plan for our lives, and that plan was made even before you entered your mother’s womb. Everyone of us is responsible for understanding that plan and fulfilling it. So take your time and follow peace, you will get to your destination with a lot less bumps and bruises along the way!



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