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Fast, Fast, Fast,

Fast, Fast, Fast,

Have you ever noticed the fast paced American society we live in is really nothing like the spiritual kingdom you and I are supposed to be living in? Everything is geared to how fast and efficient someone can deliver a product to you.

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Even to the point of cutting corners in quality to do so, which is a strategy to keep you coming back sooner and keep you indebted to the seller.

What I have noticed over the past 20 years is that this same philosophy has slowly infiltrated the church of Jesus Christ in the United States of America.

Now I have not been to every church in America, neither have you, but you as a believer in Jesus can detect the pulse of the church at large and see this is so. Sermons on Sunday morning are shallow with not much said to challenge the child of God to dig deeper in the scriptures or to go further with God. I call them microwave sermons (microwave cooker created in our American fast paced society) that pop up quick but have no long sticking substance to them.
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Whatever happened to sermons bathed in prayer and anointed by the power of the Holy Spirit, shaking an individual to the core, bringing them to tears in repentance? That would drive people to their knees on the altars of our churches? Where you would see permanent change in the individual’s life, and true disciples. Seems like a novelty in our time.

Or, how about our fast paced timed out services. I remember going out to lunch a few years ago with a local minister who had a large congregation, he’s not pastoring in our area any longer. He took me back to his church after lunch, took me into his sanctuary and showed me from his sound board how everything was timed out. The worship was 20 min, prayer 2 min, announcement 3 min, offering 5 min, sermon and alter call 30 min.  He was really, really proud of the fact that he could have people in and out in about a hour.

Now I am not against planning, it’s good to plan the best you can but what happens if God has something different he wants to do during that precious Sunday morning hour of worship? I have been in church services where I sensed the Holy Spirit wanting to move in a different direction but He was stopped because of the mighty clock on the wall.

Folks, Jesus called us to make disciples but I am afraid the disciple being made in some churches today will crumble quickly under the weight of any future serious persecution in America when it comes. Notice I said when it comes.

My prayer for you is don’t seek a church to be comfortable in, but find a church that will challenge you to dig deep in the scriptures, that will challenge you to newer levels of spirituality, it may not be a church with a lot of people in it, or it may be, either way that’s alright. A church that will slowly but surely make you a true disciple of Christ.
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