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What Is Your Wish!

What Is Your Wish!

Many of us are familiar with the phrase, “Be carful what you wish for, it could come true.” It’s a phrase that has been around for a long time, many have stated that it’s a Chinese proverb, but that’s not been totally proven.


Many others through time have seemed to lay claim on it but no one knows for sure its original origins, but the phrase is definitely intriguing.

Living on this planet for 55 years I can look back and say with 100 percent accuracy, that I am eternally grateful that some of the things I wished for in life did not come true! I am sure you also can concur!

I think what happens is we as human beings seem to make impulse decisions on what is right before us and what we see others have in life. I will emphatically say, that is never a good barometer for you to make a decision.

You are an individual with a specific calling from God that is like no one else on this planet. Don’t wish to copy someone else or to have what they have, relish your uniqueness!

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I am reminded in the scriptures where the children of Israel had a struggle in this area. You can read about it in I Samuel 8th chapter. The children of Israel told Samuel the Prophet in verse 5, “Make us a king to judge us like all the nations,” so their wish was to be like the nations surrounding them.

Now up to that point God Almighty was the one who called the shots for the nation of Israel, He was their only King. That’s what made them so unique, and feared from all the other nations around them. Somehow they lost sight of that and wanted to be like everyone else around them.

It was not the Prophet Samuel’s will for that to happen and it sure wasn’t God’s will for that to happen either, but the people persisted in wishing to be like everyone else. Samuel even explained to them the heavy price they would pay for having a king, and what it would do to their offspring. They would not listen but persisted on wanting a king, so God told Samuel to grant their wish.

Sure enough they had problems down through history till they were conquered by the Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar on March 16th 597 BC.

One wonders what would have happened if they had stuck with the original plan from God Almighty that He would be their only king. I shutter to think the dominance they would of had on the world stage!

So, “Be careful what you wish for,” make sure it lines up with God’s plan for your life because you are unique and special, one of a kind!


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