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In most households and ours is no exception, when someone has contracted a bug of sickness because they are a family, it travels from one person to the other.

family sick 1

I have taken my stand in faith and spoken to it in Jesus name and it finally goes away praise God! In the negative because of a close proximity to something or someone you will automatically pick-up what that thing is. You can try to fight it with all your strength but if you stay close to something long enough you will take on the characteristic and become like it.

People wonder why year after year they keep doing the same defeating things over and over again, its like they are on a merry go round.

infected 6

Somewhere in their past they hung around defeated people or situations of life and became infected and it took up residence in them. It’s like a recording that keeps playing the same old sad defeated song in your mind, and you have become comfortable with it, like an old friend. You even start to sing along when the tune is played in your head.

My word to you in 2016 is to wake up and get the infection out of your system because it is robbing you of achieving God’s best in your life.

Guess what, only you can do something about it!

Some people are waiting for God to supernaturally come and knock them upside the head and make them get rid of the negative infections in their lives, folks it’s not going to happen! God is not going to come out of heaven and make you do anything. He never has and He never will, it’s up to you to break out of the mold of negativity!

Just like you can have a negative infection in your life that is destroying you, you can turn the tables and be infected positively and that pure infection will drive you to achieve great things. Find someone that is purely infected with what you want to be purely infected with in your life and hang around them enough so you can catch what they have! Someone that has accomplished what you feel God has called you to do on this earth! I am not saying you copy them in their mannerisms and try to be them, that’s wrong. You take on their spirit of achievement and take it to another level. Just like Elisha in the Bible took on the Spirit and became purely infected from Elijah’s life and did twice as many miracles as Elijah! Let your pure infection start in your household and let it spread to everyone you come in contact with!


Get purely infected, start today!!!