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The Earthly Five

The Earthly Five

Sorry folks but I had to get a bowl of Vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup and potato chips to start off writing this blog. Also if I didn’t get some now with my crew of 7 it would be gone by tomorrow evening!

How is everyone? I pray things are going well with you just 21 days into this new year. I want to encourage you today to keep your eyesight and focus on going forth in this new year. I feel this year is going to be a struggle for many spiritually especially at the beginning, but if you stay connected to Jesus you will walk in great victory.

I want to ask you a question, “Where do you get your information?” By that I mean during your day, what sources influence you in your thought process to determine right or wrong and what you promote and don’t promote.

Therein determines why you are the way you are, and what you will see in the future. If you are getting your information from sources that don’t promote a biblical, positive and righteous example, then you will constantly walk in defeat. Next year at this same time you will be in the same condition or even worse, asking the same questions.

But if you change things up this new year of 2019 and determine that you will only listen to and be guided completely by the word of God, then I guarantee you next year 2020 January 21, your story will be different!

I believe for change to come you must arrive at a point where you are not moved by what you see, hear, taste touch, smell, the 5 earthly senses.  You are only moved by what you believe, and for change to come you must believe 100% in the word of God.


Let your belief in God’s promises and truth from his word supersede your 5 senses. Learn to live in a whole different realm of existence. It will take some effort on your part at first because you are not used to living that way but keep it up! Eventually it will become a habit.

Stop listening to Fox News, CNN News, ABC News, NBC News, CBS News and the other cable outlets. They are driven by sensationalism, what sales and brings in the biggest buck, and they hype people up. Focus this year on listening to God speaking on the inside of you and putting his word first place.

The 5 earthly senses can play tricks on you but the word of God is solid. It never will play tricks on you but will always deliver. Determine to stay the course!!!



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