Current State Of America

Current State Of America

The America we all have been accustomed to is under attack. I am soon to be 58 years young, and I can remember growing up in the small town of Medina, Ohio where things were for lack of a better expression, just basic.

The atmosphere seemed to lend to expectancy and excitement for the future, all races fellowshipped together. People may have had their differences in opinion and thought but in the end they came together under a sense of camaraderie that we were all Americans. We stood for the National Anthem; all races, sports and creeds. We cherished our belief in God Almighty. That was the America I grew up in.

Today it is not that way, it seems extra demons have been unleashed in America to bring chaos and mayhem in our major cities and in government. It’s not the people, it’s the spirits that are behind them. Folks, we must pray for our country that this violence would stop and that peace would prevail.

There is also one major act that needs to happen in America for complete restoration of this nation. We must repent for the sin of abortion.

It’s a stench in the nostrils of Almighty God and it breaks the heart of Jesus. Since the Supreme Court decision in 1973 on Roe v Wade, over sixty million babies have been murdered in America. Only God knows how many babies were murdered before the 1973’s decision. In New York City back in 2013 there were more abortions than births among the black community, by 5,000. Wow! (Article in Politifact by Lauren Caruba). These were precious souls that had a future that was given to them by Almighty God. Before they had a chance to take a first breath, a butcher’s forceps went in the mother’s womb and tore them apart limb by limb with them giving out a silent scream.

What makes me shutter is that, someone is going to have to pay for those souls because their blood cries from the ground, and God hears them (read Genesis 4:12 Abel’s blood) ! It makes me fearful for America, we are open because of that hideous sin! It drives me to my knees to pray and ask God for His great mercy not His judgment.

Currently at the writing of this blog, we have an administration that is fighting to put an end to Goverment sanctioned, by law, mudering of babies. Hopefully they can do some good to see this stop totally in America. But the real power is in us praying, which is more powerful than anything the goverment can do.

I believe our sin of abortion as a nation has opened the door to this escalated violence in our major cities. It’s the start, and if we don’t pray for God’s great mercy it can get worse.I don’t mean to come down heavy on you but we must speak the truth. Proverbs 29:2 states: When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice;
But when a wicked man rules, the people groan

Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and other fringe groups are the fruit of a nation that has turned its back on God. So my word to you is become a prayer warrior if you love America. America can have the peace it had in it when I was growing up in that small town of Medina, Ohio. There is still hope!

Love you all,

Ricardo Johnson

If you live in our area or are visiting lower Alabama we would love to have you visit our church. We are currently meet at 5:30pm Sunday evenings. Address is 25270 County Road 54 Daphne, Al 36526. It’s the Belforest Christian Church building. our mailing adress is Legacy Family Church P.O. Box 7333 Spanish Fort, Alabama 36577.

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