It’s Not That Big!

It’s Not That Big!

I was thinking the other day about growing up in the small town of Medina, Ohio. I went to a grade school called Garfield Elementary.

This is the school!

It was a simple life, no worries about school violence, we walked to school and walked home by ourselves not afriad of being kidnapped. Children respected their parents and teachers. I can remember chipping my front tooth on the play ground. Mr Porter was the principal, I can even remember getting a swat from him for something I did wrong. Boy, those days are long gone in our public schools!

That school seemed to be so big to me when I was 5 to 11 years old!

That’s me the little guy!

The hallways seemed to be massive, getting around from class to class seemed to take all day. Everything seemed to be so big!

I can remember going back after I was grown. When I walked into the building I wasn’t sure I was in the right place! Suddendly it seemed to shrink, the rooms were small, the hallways were small and I could even get from one end of the building to the other pretty fast.


The building had not changed it was the same building it was when I was a little boy and it’s still the same today. My perspective had changed and suddenly, what at one point seemed to be massive and huge came into the right perspective.

I thought about our lives and the problems we face on a daily basis. Some seem to be massive like we will never overcome them. Some have hung on for years and become part of our daily existence. But really they need to be looked at for what they really are, we need to gain the right perspective on them. They really are not as big as we have made them.

The enemy has blown them up to make them look bigger than they really are! So we need to just relax take a deep breath, and realize they are not as big as they seem! With patience and faith we need to take them on one by one and see them disappear quickly. Stop listening to the lies of the Devil and start walking in the calm assurance of faith knowing you win in the end!!!

Till Next Time,

Ricardo Johnson

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2 thoughts on “It’s Not That Big!

  1. Thank you for your uplifting posts. They really uplift one’s soul and spirit. Keep on keeping on, year in, year out. Keep on inspiring God’s people with your insightful messages emanating from your life’s experiences. Regards, your brother in law and Christ, Osmond.


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