What Matters

What Matters

What really matters in life? It’s a question that has been asked by multi-millions over the centuries. Philosophers have pontificated over the question, religious leaders have given their opinions, even down to the simple man on the street.

The reason being is that, every person has an inherent desire within them to accomplish something that matters. No human being is born with a desire to fail and not accomplish something that matters in life.

We all know there are all sorts of obstacles that are thrown in our way through life; all for the sole purpose of discouraging us from accomplishing what really matters.

I was driving to work the other day and I was thinking about all the things that I have personally been through in life, and they are many! The ups and downs, the victories and defeats, the joys and yes some sadness. I thank God for my relationship with Jesus, my up bringing, and God’s simple grace in my life!

What really concerned me during that daily 10 minute commute to work was thinking about my 8 children. I truly love them! They are just starting out in life and knowing what I went through these 50 plus years, my thoughts were on how were they were going to navigate through a world that has grown darker, and more evil than when I was when growing up.

The baby (Moriah Hope) is 6 months old now. Laughing and enjoying life!

Then the Lord began to show me what really matters in life. It’s not accumulating large amounts of money, having a big fancy house, driving the latest and greatest cars, or keeping up with the Jones in life.

WHAT’S MOST IMPORTANT IN LIFE IS SIMPLY, “BEING.” The best way to help my 8 children navigate through life is,“being.” Living the correct life in front of them on a daily basis, consistently! Letting them see an example of a man of God that seeks an intimate relationship with Jesus, fleshing that out in front of them.

For example we have prayer on Wednesday nights at the church. It’s a time that I love because for an hour we are in intense, powerful prayer for our region and the church, plus other things. At first I was thinking the children should stay home, or if they come they can go out and play on the playground that’s at the church. Well for one thing, it’s dark outside now at the time we pray, so they can’t play on the play ground anyway.

Sharon brought them and they sat in the sanctuary while we prayed intensely and sought God for things. I opened my eyes and saw them looking directly at me and they were taking it all in. For the rest of their years that vision of their father praying on his knees seeking God will never leave them no matter how far they stray.

So what really matters is truly loving God and “BEING”. If you do those things the rest will take care of itself. That’s the answer to what really matters in life.

Ricardo J

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4 thoughts on “What Matters

  1. Thank you for this reminder and word of encouragement. As the father of 8 children as well, it is a daily concern of mine to know how I can best help my children become followers of Christ. I long for the day when that really begins to take hold.


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