Life Is Unpredictable!

Life Is Unpredictable!

We have a busy household with 8 children! There is always something happening. From laughter, to the little ones crying because another sibling took their toy away, to the baby just being fussy, to the bigger children trying to negotiate their way with mom and dad, and the list goes on.

Here is the gang only our new born is missing.

My wife also home schools so that is an added challenge for her during the day.

With all the challenges it’s still an awesome life and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

If you would have told me 15 years ago when Sharon and I were first married in Westlake, Ohio, that I would have 8 children, be living in southern Alabama and pastoring a small church, I probably would have told you that you were a false prophet and just simply crazy.

Look at what God has done in 15 years and is still doing!!!

Sometimes we think we have our lives all figured out from womb to tomb. I am always amazed by people who say that they have a 5 year plan for their lives and have everything figured out.

Usually when you check with those same people after the 5 years are over, that 5 year plan was never followed.

The word of God says it like this, “People can make all kinds of plans, but only the Lord’s plan will happen” (Proverbs 19:21 NCV).

You must realize there is a reason you were put into the situation you are in, it’s for a greater purpose. God Almighty has a master plan for your life. Most of the time it’s not what we think it is. So it’s best to stop bucking the system, and just do what is on the inside of you and follow peace.

Hell may be breaking out all around you but on the inside of you there’s a yes, with peace sounding louder and louder. don’t ignore it! Most of your friends and relatives may think you are crazy, but they are not you, so you must ignore them and keep going forward.

They will see in the future that the hand of God was on your life the whole time they thought you were crazy.

The more you stay connected with God the more your steps will become more clear. That connection needs to be in the form of having a consistent prayer life. Prayer is the key to you hitting it out of the ball park each time.

Remember they will be single steps that you will be taking. God never reveals the whole picture to you at one time. If He did you probably would quit before you even got started. Remember this fact also, that it’s not about you in the end, it’s to bless others.

So enjoy taking each step one at a time. You will get to your God given destination I promise you! So start stepping!!!!

Pastor Ricardo Johnson

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