Where I Have Been

Where I Have Been

It’s been since June 19th that I last posted a blog. Wow how time flies!

How has everyone been?

A lot has happened since then. Let me try to catch you up.

The big change is that we moved, really not that far away from where we were living. One of the reasons we moved is because of family size. Our landlord informed us in a nice way our family was too big to live in his three bedroom house. So we really out grew the place and needed a bigger home. Anyone that has moved knows what a pain it is to move! We had over twenty people helping us on moving day which was awesome and chaotic at the same time! The bigger the family the more stuff you have to move.

We were down to just 6 days left before we had to find a new place. God came through in the 11th hour and provided a place that is awesome and fits our family perfectly and it’s just 4 minutes from our church, wow. We have a huge yard for the kids to play in. I knew He would do it so I was not panicking, He has always been faithful to us. We are looking forward to this next year with great anticipation.

My goal is full-time ministry and we are taking steps toward that becoming a reality. I work a secular job through the week that has perfect hours, and down here in South Alabama the added bonus in the summer of air-conditioning! But my dream and goal is to devote all that time through the week to our church, Legacy Family Church, that’s the reason we left the familiar comforts of home in Ohio to birth this church. Stand in faith with us to make that a reality!!!

The other major event was that my 3 year old son Malachi thought he could fly and jumped off the ladder on the bunk bed and broke his arm at the elbow.


My wife drove him to the ER up the street from us. They told her that she needed to go to a specialist the next day. The specialist scheduled him for surgery the next morning at 5:30 am. He went through the surgery with flying colors. After having the cast for three weeks he just got it off today. He is slowly getting back to moving the arm.

I also took on a project at our new place which I had never done before. We wanted to convert a carpeted dinning room into a laminate floor one. Sharon and I knew that carpet would not work for our family of ten. In two to three week there would be an aroma that would not be pleasant from the food dropped on the carpet and the liquids.

So I took on the project of laying a laminate floor!

Here is the finished product. Pretty good for a rookie.
Here is what the floor looked like once I ripped the carpet from it.

We are now enjoying meals and family devotions again on our new laminate floor and it’s easy clean up which makes life a lot more manageable.

God blessed us with an awesome table and chairs!

Mind you, if you ever have moved there are boxes everywhere. You just feel out of whack for a period of time. It takes a while to get back in the groove of things. I missed my time chatting with you through my blog (which has reached a milestone of over 100 people connected) but now it’s safe to say we are back!

Stay tuned to the blog for family updates and of course spiritual nuggets of truth in the future!


Please leave your comments below. Let me hear about your moving stories!


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