Ride That Tsunami!

Ride That Tsunami!

Ride the wave! When a tidal wave happens it’s a common occurrence. It’s the result of the daily tides caused by the imbalanced gravitational influences of the Moon, Sun, and planets.

But a Tsunami  is something different. A Tsunami is a series of waves caused by a rapid massive displacement of the seafloor through an earthquake, landslide, volcanic eruptions or crashing asteroid. It’s huge, massive and totally overwhelming.

God Almighty is about to cause a spiritual Tsunami through a major disruption in planet earth! Yes, it will be big and massive also just like a Tsunami in the natural. Those of us who are filled up with oil and have our lamps burning must be prepared to ride this Tsunami.


I can not stress enough that you must be filled up and overflowing with oil! This Tsunami is needed because we must get back on track like the powerful church of Jesus Christ that we are.

Jesus is coming back real soon and this earth will be filled with his power before he does come back. The reason is because He loves humanity and wants as many saved and delivered as possible.

Your lamps have to be filled with oil, if they are, it will give you the ability to ride the Tsunami and see things that will leave you speechless.

The Indian Ocean Earthquake on December 26, 2004 had a magnitude of 9.15. It made a series of Tsunamis that killed approximately 230,000 people.

The Tsunami that God is bringing on the earth will save, heal, deliver and restore way more people than 230,000 lost in that awful event. It will be in the multiple millions and eventually billions of people that will be affected for the good. God is a great redeemer!

Simeon and Anna were Tsunami riders for their generation and were among the first to recognize who Jesus really was. Mary and Joseph walked past many people before those two Tsunami riders approached them. You can read about them in Luke 2:23 – 35.

Oh, but this next Tsunami will be so much greater, it will be like nothing we have ever seen before in history. There will be a few that will lead the charge, more will get accomplished in this time than in all the time leading up to this time. There is an excitement on the inside of me that is tangible right now!

I exhort you to purpose to be a Tsunami rider in these last days. The requirement is that you have your lamp always filled with oil, if you do you will ride the wave and oh what a journey its going to be!!!



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foot notes:

(Tidal Waves and Tsunamis Are Not The Same  by Kyle Hill)


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