Greatness in the Womb

Greatness in the Womb

What does God do when He wants to accomplish something great in the earth?

He doesn’t consult with world leaders, or bring together the greatest so called minds on the planet. He doesn’t go through the White House or consult with the Congress of the United States.  He doesn’t go to people like Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Warren Buffet, Carlos Slim, or Mark Zuckerberg.

When God Almighty wants to do something great in the earth a baby is born!

His method of accomplishing great and mighty things in the earth has always been through the womb of a woman. It’s the most amazing, life-filled and God ordained sacred place on this planet. We see this throughout history and today is no different.

Satan knows this fact better than we has human beings do. That’s why if you study history you can find a pattern of laws and legislation passed at different periods of time to destroy life at the most sacred place in the womb.

Before Moses was born, Pharaoh King of Egypt tried to get the Hebrew midwives Shiphrah and Puah to kill all the male babies once they were born. They refused to perform his wishes, scripture says it was because they feared God Almighty. Because of their faith Moses was born and God accomplished something great through his life.

Skip forward in time to right after Jesus was born.

Herod the King in the same murderous spirit as Pharaoh realized that he had been ignored by the wise men (who were in the same spirit as Shiphrah and Puah the midwives) that protected life. King Herod also made a decree once again that all the male children 2 years old and younger be killed. This is why after Jesus was born Joseph had to take the family and flee into Egypt for a period of time. We all know Jesus accomplished something great in the earth.

Notice in both cases it was the male children. I am currently blessed with 5 boys and I thank God for the strength and future greatness that can come out of them.

Once again we have laws passed in New York, and other cities looking at the same laws  from the same murderous spirit that Pharaoh and King Herod had, so it’s really nothing new to us. We have seen this all before.

My question is what great baby are they trying to kill again before it is born or even after it comes out of the womb? What great thing will this baby or babies accomplish in the earth that Satan is trying to stop? Like I said at the beginning and it’s true, whenever God wants to do something great a baby is born. Just as Pharaoh and King Herod missed it in both cases, they will miss it this time. I am excited for the future!!!



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