Family, God’s Idea!

Family, God’s Idea!

I am sitting in front of my computer tonight thinking how blessed we are to be living in America in this time in history. The opportunities that have been given to us are unprecedented, never has so much been within our reach. Generations before us would have loved to have been given the opportunities we currently have.


So I have a question, what is the driving and sustaining force that makes opportunity so strong in any given society? If you do research on societies you will find that a strong family unit, teaching Godly biblical principles is the bedrock of any successful growing society.

I have had the privilege to travel so far to 6 different nations around the globe, and there is truly nothing like the United States of America. Not saying we don’t have our own set of problems which we do, but even with those problems, we are still a very blessed nation.

Where did  that come from? How did we become so blessed? I believe there is a direct connection to the importance of family and biblical moral teachings that brings great opportunity and makes a nation solid and strong.

bible 2

One of our founding fathers John Adams wrote, “Our Constitution was made for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other”.  Also George Washington said, “It is the duty of all nations to acknowledge the providence of Almighty God….”

They were smart men that understood that it was because of God Almighty we were a blessed and strong nation.

Today in America there are influential forces that want to remove the mention of God from our society and change the true biblical definition of the family unit.

For the life of me I don’t see where they have a model in history of that being successful, but they continue on anyway. 

The media elites on television (talking heads) and social media giants are a preponderance of these actions, which are really few in number compared to the total population.


As I have said before many times, if the Devil can destroy the family unit in a society then he has defeated that nation without firing a single bullet.

You can make a difference! If you just take care of your influence of people around you with proclaiming the truth, promoting a strong biblical family foundation, we can at the grass roots of America overcome any attack of the enemy! Become a member of the resistance and push back!



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