It’s Upstream!

It’s Upstream!

You can make a difference for good in the generation that you have been born. That difference can affect future generations long after you are gone to the next life.

People in history that have taken on the mantel of change, have always went upstream from the modern ways of life.

Almost without exception it came at a great price to them, and at times in the natural it did not seem like it was worth it. There are many examples down through history but for time’s sake let us look at this one case in point.

When the Pilgrims (which were originally called Saints), 102 strong, decided to establish a new English colony in America and flee the heavy hand of government and religious persecution in England, they were going upstream.


They landed at Plymouth, Massachusetts November 21st 1620. That first winter was costly for them, by the time the winter was over half of them had died from starvation, cold and disease. After that harsh winter the Mayflower that brought them to the new world was getting ready to make its voyage back to England. Captain Christopher Jones Jr. and hisĀ  crew gave the remaining pilgrims a chance to get back on the ship and leave with them. They refused to go, and because they refused to go and stayed, you and I enjoy today the benefits of living in one of the greatest nations on earth, the United States of America.

upstream 5

It was not easy for them, but they forged ahead despite their great difficulties even staring death in the face.

If you really desire to see change in your generation it won’t be easy for you either.

The inner compass inside your being must take control of your life and speak louder than the people and situations around you.

Let me remind you the crowd is not always right, down through history just a few have made the difference.

So my prayer for you is not to seek the easy way, but to seek the right way, relax in God and have patience, realizing you are in it to finish the task with excellence.

You are building a legacy that will last way after you are gone from the scene. That’s one reason why I am so happy that God Almighty has blessed my wife and I with 7 children! I have often wondered could not the barometer of a man’s impact in life, be measured by what people will say about them 30, 40, 50 years or beyond after they are gone from this earth. Leave it all here on earth you can’t take anything with you!


Please leave your comments below. I really want to hear what you have to say!

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