The Right Diagnosis

The Right Diagnosis

It’s always good to have the correct diagnosis about any situation, it brings a knowing and helps you focus on a solution to the problem.

Case in point, a couple of Thursdays ago I left work after a long day, went to my car and it would not start. I thought that was strange because this car never had done that before, its been a reliable car for the most part up till now. Below is a picture of my car.


I tried again to crank it thinking it was just a fluke, but it did not start. I lifted up the hood to see if any wires were loose or if I could figure it out. You know the great mechanic I am surely I could figure it out (I am joking I know practically nothing about fixing cars).

One of my co-workers saw me and drove over to see if he could be of any assistance to me. He did not have jumper cables but he called the big boss who was still in the building. He’s a great big boss, he came out of the office with his big shinny new white Dodge Ram truck and gave me a jump. The car started right up, I thanked him for his help and started to drive home.

About two and a half miles down the road the car was sounding like it was going to shut off again and I was at a light of a major intersection, needless to say I was praying. I finally made it home to my drive way, when I pulled into my driveway the car quit again and would not start back up again. I even tried with my wife’s car and our jumper cables to start the car but it would not respond.

It’s good to know someone who can diagnose a situation like car problems and tell you exactly what is going on. I called my godly friend and also a master mechanic Darrell, he works at a dealership in Pensacola, Florida, but lives within walking distance of my house. He also at one time had his own mechanic shop in another state before he moved to the great state of Alabama.

Problem 4

It’s amazing how Darrell and I met, God almighty brought us together at a park, we started talking about the word of God and we have been friends ever since, he is truly a God sent friend. I can’t tell you the numerous times he has helped us (being Jesus in the flesh) in the past with my wife’s vehicle at no charge. I have to battle with him to take money which I had to force him to take.

I texted him with the symptoms of my car and without looking at it he thought that it was the alternator. Now, to get a new alternator it would cost $200 dollars just for parts and my own YouTube labor of which I have successfully done some in the past. We live on a tight budget and $200 would not fit into our budget, plus the several hours taking the old one out to put in the new one (with a large family you learn to do things on your own to save money). It was the start of the weekend and his weekend was filled with different things so he could not break free until Monday.

All weekend I prayed, Lord let it be something simple maybe a loose wire or something else simple because I did not have $200 to be forking out for an alternator. He came over Monday night, lifted the hood and checked the voltage, the alternator and battery. He knew exactly what was going on. I had left the lights on in the car and the battery had ran down to nothing, one of the battery cells was burnt out and not working. So the problem was I had a bad battery. God answered my prayer and it was not the alternator, it was a bad battery, something simple!

Its so important to have someone who can tell you whats going on when you can’t figure it out on your own. I am trying to make a point here.

Diagnosing Conditions Feb 2016

I told Ezra my oldest son to come with me and we drove to Wal-Mart brought a battery for $100, came back and at night in the dark put a new battery in the car and it is running great!

I thought about this situation pertaining to our lives. What it taught me was this, when our lives malfunction spiritually and things in life don’t work the way they used to, we need to go to the spiritual master mechanic, his name is Jesus.

Hang around till you hear clearly from him about your situation. He can diagnose the problem and tell you what you need to do to fix it. Don’t go to the world, Oprah Show or Dr. Phil Show, they will confuse you more. I guarantee, God Almighty will make it crystal clear and He will bring a solution!!!



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