Is Revisionism Happening?

Is Revisionism Happening?

What is meant by the word revisionism? It’s not a word that you use in your everyday vocabulary; but the practice of it can ultimately change the thoughts of people and a nation. Here is an explanation of the word revisionism, the dictionary defines revisionism as, “An advocacy of the revision of an accepted, usually long-standing view, theory, or doctrine; especially a revision of historical events and movements.” Revisionism attempts to alter the way a people views its own history and traditions.

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A case in point, from November 1938 till April 1945 the state sponsored persecution and murder of six million Jews took place under the Nazi Party in Germany called the Holocaust.  We have documentation that it took place, and pictures that show it took place.  Even black and white film of mass graves and shootings of Jewish people in cold blood that show it took place. There is even a living memorial museum to those who perished during the Holocaust in New York City.  But today we have some professors (a very small number) teaching in major Universities and other schools around the world that the Holocaust never happened.  They claim it is a story concocted by the Jews to advance their interest at the expense of others.  That is one of the greatest example of revisionism that shows just how misguided it can be.

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Just last year in 2017 North Carolina GOP state Rep. Larry Pittman argued that Abraham Lincoln was “the same sort of tyrant” as Adolf Hitler, and was “personally responsible” for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Americans in an “unnecessary and unconstitutional war.”


Talk about looking back in a great statement of revisionism, wow! Mr Pittman, with that statement, was looking to change the minds of Americans that have always been taught from childhood that Abraham Lincoln (who was a believer in Jesus) freed the slaves and ended the scourge of slavery in America.

The more I thought about this, I began to see more examples of this same action of revisionism taking place in America! 

The scary part of the whole thing is that revisionism has crept into the church and is preached from our pulpits in America on Sunday mornings.  No longer are we preaching holiness, turning away from sins, preaching on hell and speaking the truth in love.  Those preaching Revisionism Theology are saying, just come on in and be comfortable; God’s grace covers it all so live any kind of way you want to live, we are all just one big happy family and everyone is going to heaven (just make sure you give your money when the offering plate is passed around).  If you are attending a church like that my advice is to put on your tennis shoes and run as fast as you can from there.  Father God has not changed his message to fit our modern times, read the Word and be free!

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Quote from the News&Observer April 12th 2017 by Colin Campbell

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