It’s Coming!

It’s Coming!

Today I want to get into the meat and potatoes of your life, and bring you some great help! My goal is to encourage you not to lose sight of what God has promised you! Yes, I know He has promised you some great things. Right now there is a fight going on inside of you, trying to get you to succumb to the fears of this world and simply give up.

Know this, the pressure has increased because the miracle is closer than its ever been!

Know this also, that the enemy cannot create anything new, he has no creative ability whatsoever, he’s just a fallen angel, so what he will tempt you with are things common to people on this earth.

Remember how he tempted Jesus in Matthew 4:2 – 11, he tempted Jesus with what I call the three big F’s;  Food, Foolishness and Fame.

He first tempted him with something to eat or in a broader sense for you to grasp, his appetite.

temp 4

That means way more than food, it means anything you crave or have a passion for outside of God’s will for your life. The devil tempts you with the same things so that’s nothing new.

Second he tempted him to do foolishness by taking him to the highest point of the temple and telling him to jump off for God would take care of Him. That’s just being foolish! What purpose would that have served! So Jesus told him emphatically that was foolish and it was tempting God. The enemy tries to get you to also do foolish things in your life, make foolish decisions, get into foolish relationships, telling you God will not take care of you.

If you know from the beginning something is wrong don’t pursue it!

The third “F” is fame which is a big one for people not to get trapped in, the desire to be rich and famous and to have everyone like you and know your name around the world WOW!


He showed him all the Kingdoms of the world and also their glory and told him he could give those things to Him if he would just bow down and worship him. The Devil had the rights over the Kingdoms of the world because Adam forfeited that right and authority in the fall of mankind. I am sure Jesus was tempted like anyone of us would be to succumb to the temptation.

The enemy will try to tempt you the same way to compromise your worship and faith in the Lord so you could be liked and famous with everyone. Don’t fall for his tricks!

Good things are coming your way, just don’t fall short right before you reach the finish line!

We love you in Jesus!



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