Just Get There!

Just Get There!

How many of you have ever taken a long trip in a car for over 10 hours? We recently left southern Alabama to travel to Northeastern Ohio. Wow! What a long grueling trip. 19 hours with stops and with 7 children, there are many stops.

20180507_164829.jpg                                                          “The Johnson Mobile”

We purchased a car GPS system before we left to help navigate the trip, and use while we were in Ohio. Thank God for that GPS system because it told us the distance to our location, nearest gas stations, nearest restaurants, how long it would take to get to our destination, and the best route to take.

I was thinking about something related to this event that has prompted me to share a thought with you.

That GPS system as informative as it is, it still can’t tell you about everything you will face on your long journey! 

For instance, it can’t tell you if you are going to have a flat on the way, or engine problems. It can’t tell you if your battery will quit on you (which happened to us and we had to get a jump), or you if you will run into some other obstacles that will delay or deter you from reaching your destination.

I thought about how much that mirrors our walk of faith with the Lord.

We receive our mandate from the Lord to accomplish something He specifically has called and anointed us to do. That’s the destination we are to get to, the spiritual GPS destination that Father God puts in our hearts. But He doesn’t tell us every single obstacle that the devil will throw in our way in making it to our destination. Father God just says go to this destination and I will be with you.

As sure as you are breathing, the enemy will throw obstacles in your way to delay or deter you from reaching your spiritual destination. Some of the obstacles the enemy throws in our way are masked with good intentions and can look real spiritual like the right thing to do, but in the end it’s a trap from the enemy.

My encouragement for you today is to keep your eyes on the original GPS destination that Father God put on the inside of you. All other things are distractions and will hinder you from reaching your destination. Be wise, be strong!


Can you share some obstacles you have faced on your journey to your destination?

4 thoughts on “Just Get There!

  1. Many people are sent into your life along this journey. Be very careful to ask God is this person sent to take me away from God. I have had experiences where people were sent by the enemy to take me off course. God will give you discernment and you can know from the fruit that the relationship is bearing. Our relationships are so important in helping us get to our destination and we definately need other committed christians to help us get there.


    1. Karen so true, but we are taught by some if you are a true Christian you except everyone because maybe you can help them. But the scripture says Jesus didn’t commit himself to men because he knew what was in men.


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