My Big Family!

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When I say the word “family,” it can conjure up different thoughts to everyone. Family is so important to Sharon and I especially with our seven children. Yes, that’s right we have seven children, my oldest is eleven at the writing of this blog, down to eight months old. When my wife takes them shopping she always gets comments. Some people look at her in shock, she always gets the counting thing with people.  We always laugh and take in stride the comments of people.

We started our marriage in 2004 like every couple thinking we would only have two or three children at the most. My wife started on the Pill because that’s what we were encouraged to do by so many well meaning Christians. They didn’t understand the history behind the Pill like the majority of people in the United States of America and the side affects.

But as we continued in our marriage something began to happen to myself first, then Sharon later had the same convictions. Through praying and at times fasting God began to deal with my heart on this subject of having children. I began also to study the subject and read books and articles along these lines. God directed me to ask Sharon to stop taking the Pill because I did not want anything in her body to alter its natural course. She later explained how the Pill would give her mood swings which altered her reaction towards me at different times.

We started praying together and reading in the bible scriptures like Psalms 127:3-5 where it says: Children are a gift from the Lord; They are a reward from him… If God Almighty the creator of the universe wants to give me a gift and reward me, why would I try in anyway to hinder that gift and reward? I also felt if he gave me a gift he would supply the means to take care of that gift, which He has!

There was a quote that put the nail in the coffin, so to speak for me. Bob & Michelle Duggard, who are well known in the United States of America media because they have 19 children, said a statement a few years ago that has never left my mind. After losing a child through miscarriage from being on the Pill, as she stated in her testimony, at the beginning of their marriage, Michelle said that her and Bob began to pray and ask God to “Give us a love for children like you love children.” 

Try praying that prayer to God and see if your heart is not affected!

Well, mine was affected and so was Sharon’s, so we both agreed to trust God in this area that He knows better than us and by faith put him in total control. It was a process of months and years that brought us to this conclusion, but we are here and loving every minute of it!

I am not saying that it is easy, but nothing worthwhile is easy this side of heaven!

We operate with one income (because Sharon is home with the children) so there are times when things are financially tight, but God Almighty always makes a way! So I encourage you if you are a married couple in the child bearing age, throw fear aside and trust God Almighty, you will look back years from now and be glad you did!


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6 thoughts on “My Big Family!

  1. Good for you! We were also convicted after doing some reading that our family’s course, and its size, is GOD’s plan. And that every human being is a gift to his parents! Good post.


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