Unction To Pray

Unction To Pray

After being on a long hiatus we are back! Our mandate from heaven is to intercede in prayer for the United States of America. This is where we were born, live, and our future posterity will fill this territory. Our country needs your anointed, God felt, and sincere prayers. This blog will inspire, challenge, encourage, and push you to pray for our nation. America is at a pivotal point in our existence. The winds of an anti-Christ spirit are blowing and trying to gain superiority in every sector of our society. Whether it’s the media, entertainment, politics, college campuses, judicial system, or law enforcement, the enemy is trying his best to make his voice heard.

The people of God have an extremely powerful weapon that can silence the voice of the enemy. That weapon is intercessory prayer. The devil will have the shakes and become paralyzed if we as a mighty army become one, and focus our energies on praying for souls to be saved, and for revival across the land. Hear me now, God in his sovereign mercy has granted the church in America a window of time to see this accomplished, let’s not waste that time! Don’t wait for someone else to catch the vision and pray, God is calling you to do it.

In Acts chapter 12 the church finally understood what it took to dominate and win, but not after a sad major fatality had taken place which really could have been avoided. James the brother of John was killed by the sword and King Herod was set the next morning to do the same thing to Peter. The church gathered at Mary the mother of John’s home and began to intercede in prayer for Peter. Because of their powerful intercessory prayer, Peter was supernaturally released from prison. James could have had the same thing happen to him because God is no respecter of persons, but the church was not praying at that time for it to happen. People hear me, it is so crucial for you to get this revelation and begin to take seriously praying for the United States of America. We have had too many James stories in the past and not enough Peter stories in America! God is depending on you. PRAY!




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