Change That Law!

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Prayer That Dominates

I was just entering into the world back in the early 1960s but as I grew older and could comprehend what was happening I began to hear the stories. The stories of racism against blacks in the South and all around America, the struggle for freedom to just be recognized as human beings with the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Jim Crow Laws, which legalized segregation between blacks and whites that began way back in the 1880s, were being enforced into the middle 1960s across the South. By law blacks were told they could not vote, attend certain schools, eat at certain restaurants, and even drink from the same water fountain as whites.

Jim Crow 3Jim crow 2 Jim Crow 4

Most Americans then and now that had a true relationship with God realized how wrong that was and as a result we no longer have those laws, thanks to individuals that…

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