It’s Really Big!

It’s Really Big!

Traveling through this journey called life I have discovered something, that we as human beings live, think and act way too small, and I know it just frustrates God Almighty! His mind set is big, and He thinks and operates always in a big way.

big 9

When you came down the birth canal of your mother and for the first time experienced the light of earth, God almighty had already put great big plans in you! Also in the same time frame you were born, the negative forces that entrap people on the earth today began to work on you to bring you into their puny way of thinking.

I know this for a fact that when we get to heaven one day and realize the great and big things that God had ordained for us to walk in, we will probably kick ourselves for all eternity for not taking advantage of what was really ours already on the earth.

big 11

 What helps me to continue to think and believe big is having the distinct privilege and honor to lead a larger family.

My mindset has to change; I no longer can operate with a 40 gallon water tank in the house because real soon we will be taking cold showers, we now need a 100 gallon tank (think bigger). One little washer and dryer can’t keep up with the demand of dirty clothes that accumulates in just one day, we now need a large washer and dryer that can take on extra loads, or two sets of washers and dryers (think bigger). How about the refrigerator, you can’t make it with that puny fridge you had when you first were married, no you now need a super big refrigerator to store food for the big family (think bigger). Finally, how about taking a drive with everyone, it won’t work in that 4 door Honda Civic anymore, you now need that 8 -12 passenger van to haul the crew around town (think bigger). I think I have painted a big enough picture for you to see what we are talking about.

big 8

My above example may not relate to you because you may be single, or have a smaller family, but the “think big” truth does!  We at the Johnson household are just working with 8 people, how about being responsible for over 7 billion people on the planet, so don’t let big thinking and believing scare you because God can handle it! He has more than enough big resources just waiting to be used by you! We serve a big God folks, who lives and operates in a big way and has big plans for your life!

So purpose today to throw off the puny, tiny, dying plans that the world has fed you, and take a hold of your Father’s true big heart and big purpose for you! Think big, live big, and do big!!!   

2 thoughts on “It’s Really Big!

  1. Thank you Ricardo for your always encouraging message. A Blessed and Happy New Year to you and your family. Love, Maggie (from the pier)


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