Meeting Greatness!

Meeting Greatness!

How many of you have ever met in person or had the opportunity to be in the presence of someone the world considers great? Not many of us have, I can remember when I met four time NBA champion Shaquille O’Neal at the church I was on staff at back in February 2009. Here is little me next to big 7’ 1 Shaq.

new shaq

I have also had the privilege of meeting author, former Mayor of Cincinnati, Ohio and former Secretary of State for Ohio Kenneth Blackwell. Here I am again, I am the short guy.

new Blackwell

I have sat at the table with Richard Roberts, Oral Roberts’ son and the late Myles Monroe and others. It can be a little intimidating when you meet people like that, it makes you feel real tiny compared to them literally and figuratively, if you let it. We must keep in mind that these people are mere men just like you and me, even though they have achieved by the world’s standards, great things. In prayer recently I have been seeing something that just blows my socks off! When I step into my prayer closet, shut the door and drop to my knees, I realize more and more that I am in the true presence of greatness. Folks we have been given the privilege to communicate with the Creator of the whole Universe. The one that made the stars, planets one by one, galaxies, vastness of space and the Milky Way, WOW!

Jerry Coffey in his article, “How Big is Space” said, The currently most quoted estimate of the minimum radius of the universe is 78 billion light years. Less than that and light would have had time to circumnavigate the cosmos. Truthfully, no one has a clue”. The Psalmist King David began to get a revelation of the vastness of God in prayer and became so excited that he blurted out of his mouth, When I look up into the night skies and see the work of your fingers—the moon and the stars you have made—  I cannot understand how you can bother with mere puny man, to pay any attention to him!” Psalms 8:3-4 (TLB)

Folks every time you choose to lock yourself up in prayer with God Almighty, He is there and listening to you personally, that just blows me away! I sense His presence in my prayer closet every morning when I meet with him. So to me it is rude to just start blabbing off at the mouth first in prayer when you are in the presence of the Creator of the universe. Respect Him and let Him speak first, (He knows a lot more than you do) that means be quiet and humble yourself. You will experience a greater presence and anointing, plus answers to prayers when you respect and honor first, our big vast God!!!

Ricardo James



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