There are miracles that happen every day in our lives and we don’t even recognize them. One of the sayings I love and quote often to people is that, “Don’t miss the supernatural in search for the spectacular.” We all want to see something that dazzles our eyes and makes us drop our jaws in amazement, God is still doing those things and when he does them it’s amazing! Today I am asking you to look at the supernatural things that happen to you on a daily basis.  I know others around the world will read this blog, which we are greatly thankful for, but we here in America a lot of times take for granted the supernatural life style we are blessed to live in. We live in fine homes, money and finances flow to us on a regular basis, we leave our houses into a garage that has an automobile we can drive for miles with gas under two dollars a gallon. We have extra money to spend on gifts for the holidays so much till we practically run over people to get the best deals (Black Friday). We have no restrictions like some other countries on the number of children we can have. We have freedom of speech, and can even say something negative about our leadership and not be jailed or killed. Folks, if you have ever been overseas to a different country like I have, just those few things I mentioned make our lifestyle supernatural in America! I am calling on everyone in this country to realize how supernatural we live, and not to just take it for granted, to fall on our knees and give God thanks today. I believe the key to seeing the supernatural turn more into the spectacular on a regular basis is a thankful heart to God almighty for his everyday miracles in our lives. That’s a word to everyone around the world! Our lack of thankfulness is holding up a greater manifestation of the spectacular acts of God in our lives, trust me there is a direct link! So be thankful people and watch spectacular things happen on a greater basis in your life!


5 thoughts on “Super-Tacular!

  1. Ricardo – thank you for reminding us to be thankful for what we’ve been so blessed to receive. We often focus too much on what we DON’T have and forget to show proper gratitude for ALL we’ve been given. Well said!


  2. We need to count our blessings every day and show our gratitude to God and each other. I like the fact that you list the ordinary things as supernatural. If we see them in this light, we will not miss our blessings. God bless you.


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