Just One More Time!

Just One More Time!

You have probably echoed the words out of your mouth saying, “Well I tried that before and it didn’t work.” I know I have many times in my life, and have given up on something that I probably should have never given up on so soon. We have read the stories of how many times great men in the past have failed time and time again. From Henry Ford who failed and went broke 5 times before he succeeded, to R.H. Macy who failed 7 times before his store in New York City took off, and Thomas Edison who failed 1,000 times before inventing the light bulb. The list goes on and on of people, who just against all odds and negative advice from at times family, friends and people around them said; “Let’s do it one more time!” That one more time in many cases turned out to be the winning moment in their lives. When you feel the greatest pressure to give up and quit on a dream, idea, invention, or calling that God placed in your heart, just remember this message and vow that you will do it just one more time. Then after that you might have to do it just one more time again and again! Keep at it because the history books never mention people who stopped on the 1,000th time, they only mention people that made the 1,001th time. In Luke chapter 18 verses 1 – 8 the heathen Judge, who had no compassion on anyone, was moved to help the widow woman because she had the just one more time mentality over and over again and wore him down. So you just sit up straight and let it come out of your mouth, we are not falling short just one more time!

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